Sunday, June 14, 2009

Always catching up....

I am such a bad blogger....I am so jealous of those who blogs I follow who manage to update every few days....if I did I wouldn't have to write such a book!!! I am much better at updating my facebook account. But here we go...

Tom has recovered from his car accident but was pretty sore for quite a while. If he had done a repeat x-ray I bet they would have found a broken rib. I am very much enjoying my new minivan and the joy of doors that open with a button!! Even Tom admits that it is a very smooth ride!!!

Last month I celebrated my 32nd birthday... a fairly uneventful birthday...but I did get to travel to NYC for a girls weekend with my friend Ashley from Florida. It was so great to get a chance to catch up with a good friend! We got to see the city, do some shopping, see a show, and I made sure I got to eat a real piece of NY pizza!!

I am so happy that the Kansas summer is finally upon us!!! The cold winter seemed to drag on forever followed by the wet we can finally enjoy more time outdoors and put Michael's swim lessons to use at the pool. I just have to be careful about keeping Sofia out too much in the far we are seeing a repeat of last summer where she does not tolerate the heat well. She becomes very irritable and very "floppy". To try to help combat this I bought her a cooling vest you activate with water that she wears over her clothes and a fan that attaches to her stroller. I am hoping for lots of time in the pool this summer with both kids once the pool warms up a bit more...neither Sofia or I like the cold doesn't seem to bother Michael!! He is continuing with swim lessons over the summer and I am hoping he will become more confident and will get to the point where he doesn't need to rely on his "bubble" to help him swim. Preschool ended last month, but I enrolled Michael into a summer preschool program...he starts tomorrow and has been asking for the last couple of weeks to go to summer school :)

A day at the botanical gardens with friends

Michael loves to swim (with his bubble float)

Sofia has had a great couple of months!!! We received the results from her genetics testing done a few months ago and it was negative for a mutation in the MECP2 gene...the genetics counselor mentioned some other genetic mutations that we could test for, but we decided against it for right now. Her most recent doctors appointments involved seeing Rehabiliation Medicine, at which time she had a hip x-ray done, which was normal (they were checking for hip dislocation since sofia is so hyperflexible). She was also fitted for foot orthotics called SureSteps to help provide better foot and support. She looks great standing in them and they are helping to make her legs stronger. And after some thought I also had a stander ordered for her...have not received it yet (takes time with insurance). The stander will provide support while keeping her weightbearing on her legs to strengthen them. It is going to be pink!!!
She also saw the developmental the doctors, but hate those appointments. Once again she did poorly on their tests...I hate those tests!!! And when Sofia is not interested or is refusing to particiapte she tends to use avoidance...she will just not look at you and look past that often appears as a social avoidance, which is not Sofia at all!! Even with her limited mobility she will manage to roll right up next that mom and baby at our playgroups and flash her smile and big blue eyes at them!!
So we will follow-up with those doctors in 6 months and next up will be neurology in August.
But she has been doing great!! About 2 months ago I decided to try a major change in Sofia's diet...I decided to cut out cow's milk products. So I changed her over to soy formula, soy milk, etc. Definitely have to be more creative since so much of what I used to add to her food to add calories involved dairy products. The diet has really agreed with her and I was even able to stop her reflux medicine. She has also been good and colds, no ear nothing to set her progress back.
Sofia is now babbling...lots of mama's, baba's, yaya's. Her signing is a work in progress...she is great at "more", "bubbles", "all done". Feeding is better....she actually wants to eat now (and lets me know it), but still won't feed herself and dislikes chunky food. Her most recent big acheivement is that she can now transition in and out of is so great to look over and see her sitting with a big smile on her face because she is proud!! She is getting so much better being up on her hands and knees...know she just has to learn that she can be mobile by crawling instead of rolling. Sofia also loves to stand and practice pull up to stand at the couch...she still needs support, but not nearly as much. Her therapists are also thrilled with just how well she is doing.
This summer her therapy schedule is jammed pack...we have physical therapy twice a week (alternating between in home and outpatient), outpatient speech therapy once a week, at home speech twice a month, at home special ed teacher twice a month, occupational therapy once a week (also alternating), and our newest addition is hippotherapy (horse therapy) once a week for 6 weeks. It all depends on the day and Sofia's mood just how well she does in a therapy session. She seems to be enjoying herself more and I often find her getting upset when her therapist is no longer paying attention to her!

Sofia at hippotherapy

If you have made it through this book of a is time to share some more news!!! We are expecting baby Lupoli #3!! Not planned, but also not a total surprise :) I will be 10 weeks tomorrow and am enjoying the joys of the first trimester...nausea, headaches, being tired all the time, and mood swings ;) We are excited and nervous at the same time. If definitely puts a new twist on plans for this next year!! Due date is Jan 12th...and I am hoping the dreams I have been having of twins is not true!! It will be a challenge having a new baby for many reasons...and how glad are we that we decided on the mini-van!!!


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