Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Time!!

I can't believe July is close to being over!!! It has been a busy month for us here at the Lupoli's. We had a great July 4th with my husband's cousin coming for a visit and a great fireworks show literally right in our backyard! (the church next door had a huge display!) This past weekend a very good friend and his son came to visit us from Tampa...those two almost 4 year old boys sure kept the daddy's busy!!! They just wanted play 24-7!!

We have been keeping busy everyday with all the usual...therapy appointments just about everyday for Sofia...we don't always get a good days everyday with therapy as Sofia does not always like to cooperate...and even though she has low muscle tone, she is one strong little girl!!
Hippotherapy (horse) is over for the summer...she seemed to overall do very well with it, so we may consider doing it again in the fall. I am going to try to keep going with Sofia's hetic schedule, knowing that come next winter with a new baby arriving it won't be as easy to get out to therapy appts. We are really happy with how Sofia is doing right now...she is a champ at getting into sitting now and it is so great to see her get into sitting by her toys or by her brother to play. She likes to interact so much more during playtime. She loves to make a game out of giving hugs...it is so sweet. However she has learned to almost choke mommy when she doesn't want me to put her down...she has entered into bit of a clingy stage!! She loves to get up on her hands and knees, and I really think she could probably crawl, but she is in such a habit of rolling as her means of mobility that whenever it looks like she just might crawl, she drops to the floor to roll.

We are still waiting on Sofia's stander...there were some insurance issues since Tom's insurance changed on July 1st...so now we are waiting on a new preauthorization so the stander can be delivered. If it wasn't such an expensive piece of equipment we would just pay for it, but it is unbelievable how much medical equipment can cost!!!

Michael is really enjoying his summer preschool program...he is happy to go and very happy when I pick him up!!! This is his last week :( Now we have to wait until September for preschool to start up again. He has become quite a little swimmer this summer!! His confidence is really building and he loves to swim with his goggles and without his "bubble"!!

We leave next week for a week long trip to Aspen, CO. Tom has an Allergy conference to attend, so we thought we would turn it into a vacation. We are going to drive so it will put the new minivan to good use!! It will be nice to have a week away from all the appointments and time to just relax (well, relax as much as you can with a almost 4 year old and almost 2 year old with special needs!!!)

I am now into my 15th week of pregnancy...I have started to get that 2nd semester renewal of energy I lost during the first trimester. I was just nauseated and exhausted all the time!! And a new thing for me this pregnancy is heartburn...never had it with Michael or Sofia (and they has lots of hair as newborns!!) And the pregnant belly is appearing much faster the 3rd time around...my poor tummy muscles just have no chance!!! So far all is well, I have only been to a couple of OB appointments so far. I will have my ultrasound August 24th to check if a boy or girl!!

So now onto the pictures!!!

Michael and his friend Alex from Florida - at a Tampa Bay vs Royals game
They like to hug a lot!

Michael getting ready to test his running speed!!

Cotton candy was a favorite at the baseball game

Michael digging for dinosaur bones at Science City

Michael happy to see his friend!!

One of Michael's self portraits

More of Michael's picture taking skills!!

A day at Deanna Rose Farmstead

Michael feeding the baby goats

Sofia decided she wanted to help feed the goats too!!

Fishing is another favorite activity at Deanna Rose

I think Michael enjoyed playing with the worms more than fishing

Don't squeeze the fish too hard Michael!

My happy girl Sofia!!!

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