Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, I got a bit behind in my weekly updates...oops!! So time to catch while I have a little piece and quiet with both kids napping (such a great sound some days!!)

In my last post I was saying how healthy the kids were and how great it was since we had a ski trip coming up....well we ALL got sick the week before with sore throats, congestion, etc. Sofia ended up on antibiotics for her ears (I don't think she needed them, but her peds doc thought it wise since we were traveling) She hates taking medication, and I hate trying to get it into her. We were all near the end of our illnesses when we left for Colorado, so we got to enjoy our vacation without being too sick!!

Tom, I and the kids flew to Denver from KC, and met up with my in-laws to go to Copper Mountain. Tom and his brother were the only real skiers....I skied, and I did pretty good, but I think I may have over done it a bit the first day...I tried to keep up with the boys and only fell a few times. The next day I took lessons with my father-in-law and sister-in-law (they were not skiers at ALL, but they did great), and just went at my own pace on the 3rd day. I think I did great for only have down-hill skied just a few times in my life....I think the years of cross-country skiing in my early years with my dad and brother in New Hampshire helped me a bit.
The kids went to the ski resort's child care center...Michael seemed to really like it. Sofia did well also, except she didn't really eat well for them. I think I handled it harder than Sofia did being apart from her....I worried so much that were not going to be able to handle her little quirks that have just become second nature to me. She did really well overall with the traveling, but it always seems to put a step back with therapy when we travel. So no more traveling for a while!! Michael loved playing around in the snow while we were in Colorado....we tried ice skating with him but he thought it "was too slippery". He enjoyed going scared me watching him go so fast down the hills (always had Tom holding onto his tube of course). You knew he was done when he would announce that he was cold and needed to warm up. Sofia hated being outside all bundled up in her snowsuit...she would just become like a rag doll and not move. I would just see her eyes moving back and forth and looking at me with her eyes saying "help me".

The trip was great, the weather beautiful, I got my massage I had wanted, it was great to see family, and of course the 5 day vacation seemed to come to an end so quickly!! The flight home wasn't so fun...Sofia spiked a fever at the airport and Michael just whined, and whined, and whined some more....I hate whining. Then we get home and it starts....Sofia throws up. She throws up again the next day. No appetite at all. I am just trying to keep her hydrated. More throwing up the next day. And she was just wiped out!!! So no therapies last week. By Sunday she got her appetite back and now she is her happy self again!! But being sick sets her back with progress in her you combine the traveling and being sick and not too much has happened in her progress. I hope she is in the mood for therapy next week b/c I have the schedule packed....we are starting additional PT that is part of the Children's Hospital where we will have more access to equipment to try with her. I sure hope we can pull out some new tricks that will be more helpful for her.

Tom has been busy working extra shifts at the VA Emergency Room....he was gone last Sat and Sun and is doing it again this weekend. Doing this has made him realize just how happy he is that he decided to do Allergy!!! We had our Valentine's dinner at home last night with some yummy filet mignons and a couple glasses of wine...wish we were having it again tonight!!

Enjoy the pictures and I having included a cute video of just how excited Sofia gets around her big brother!!