Sunday, April 19, 2009

RIP Jeep / Proud to own a minivan!!

What a week it was!!! I was working on the post below (for Easter) when I got a call Easter Sunday night from Tom that he was just in a car accident just after leaving work at the ER in Topeka. His call was a quick one and he used words like "Jeep flipped" "I am hurting" and such that it was a jump up at 8 pm and quickly get myself together and the kids for the hour plus drive to Topeka. To make matters worse it was raining and I hate driving in the rain. Tom calls back to say he is okay but is going to the hospital to get an x-ray. So I finally make to Topeka....clutching the steering wheel and driving 55 on the interstate the whole way in the rain. Plus, Sofia decided to get sick and vomit all over herself about 3/4 of the way into the trip. I had to pull over on I-70 and ended up with a state trooper pulled up beside me asking if I needed assistance....I wish I could have requested he drive us to Topeka!! Once I get to Topeka I am completely dependent on my GPS since I have no clue where I am. Tom was all done at the hospital when I got there...luckily just some bruised ribs. Things could have been much worse!!! Then we got to ride home in the rain with the smell of vomit in the car...

Unfortunately, the Jeep did not make it. Tom had the Jeep for 13 years...that Jeep has been around since we started dating, through medical school, residency, and we were hoping through fellowship. It was totaled and we spent this week getting everything in order and buying a new car. My Mercury Mariner was passed over to Tom and I am now driving the family minivan!! We decided on a 2009 Toyota was a purchase based on family needs. Enough room for all four of us plus guests now, and looking to the future if we were to add on to the family. But it is a smooth ride!! Tom was driving it yesterday and seemed to be much more impressed than his test drive earlier in the week (but he was in a bit of discomfort during that drive).

Just a week later and Tom is feeling much better. He is back to work in Topeka today, but is seriously thinking about not traveling there as much to moonlight....he will try to stay closer to home.

Michael seemed to enjoy the whole process of buying a new car....he had lots of questions for the salesman...."what is that?" and "hows that works?" He stumped the guy a few times. But the best part was when we were trying to keep the fact that we needed something ASAP quiet, but Michael blew our cover when he told the salesman that "Daddy's car went crash, and daddy hurt his back".

Sofia working with her physical therapist

It's been a good week for Sofia!! She is even closer to crawling now!! She is really trying hard to get up on her hands and knees. She likes to rock her butt when she has her knees under her too. Practice, practice, practice!! The next couple of weeks include appointments with Rehabilitation Medicine and Developmental Medicine. I am not expecting much from them...just more of the fact that she is clearly behind in her global development, and to keep going with therapies. And I just continue to be her advocate and her cheerleader!!

Here are some cute videos of Sofia:


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