Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sofia Update

It has been a smooth transition the past two weeks with Michael going to preschool...he seems to really like it and his teacher reports that he has adjusted very well and is making new friends!! He loves playing with other can be quite funny to listen in on the conversations 3 year olds have!!! And Sofia and I love having a bit of alone time every week as well :)

Both the kids have stayed healthy the past few weeks....I am soooo glad too since so many other kids around us seem to be getting sick!! Plus we have our family ski trip to Colorado at the end of the month and I hope the kids stay healthy.

Sofia has had a good couple of weeks...she continues to grow stronger and overall just more interested in everything around her. Her speech therapist had not seen her in a few weeks b/c of holidays and scheduling issues, so when she saw her she seemed really pleased on the improvement she could see. Sometimes it is so hard to focus on what Sofia can do when there is so much concern over what she can't. Sofia has become much more vocal (and she lets me know it!!) and more expressive, but no mama's or dada's yet. Now she loves to mimic blowing raspberries and trying to clap her hands....and she is great at using her blanket to play peek-a-boo now...these are new for her is just the past two weeks. She also just learned how to hold her bottle all on her own!!! Except now she likes to just play with the bottle at times and bite the nipple and she gives herself a milk bath!! And she is getting in so many teeth now!!

Sofia still doesn't care for her physical therapy much....Sofia has mixed issues with low and high muscle tone now and she tends to kick in her high tone during certain aspects of her physical therapy, which makes it difficult to get her to do the positioning we want her in. So is has become a challenge to figure out what tricks work for her. She was demonstrating her new crazy little pose yesterday for the therapist where she is sitting and slouches back and tries to pick up her feet and holds that pose...we think she wants to lay down so she can use her feet to play with a toy, but is learning that she shouldn't just fall looked like it was giving her quite an abdominal workout :) She is spending more time playing on her tummy on her own, so we love that!! And she just discovered how great the doorway jumper is...about a week ago I put her in like I occasionally do, and she just took off jumping!!! Now she cries and whines when she sees it b/c she wants to jump :) Love it!!

We just started Sofia on Prevacid for reflux...I was becoming suspicious that she may be having a problem. So far she is tolerating it well and has not spit up since we started. I am curious to see if any of Sofia's sensory issues with her mouth improve with this medicine. If she does have silent reflux like I suspect, it may be a contributing factor.

Sofia will be 17-months old tomorrow, but of course still has pretty significant delays. Upcoming appts include a follow-up with Neurology, which may or may not result in a repeat MRI and/or EEG. Sofia has her 6 month followup eval for her current therapy services next month. I am going to get her started with more physical therapy and speech through the Children's Hospital. She has an appt with Genetics in March....I think this may be the appt that could possibly bring us closely to a diagnosis. It will probably involve a lot of blood work and possibly a muscle biopsy. Then we have Rehab Medicine and Developmental followups in April. She will most likely get fitted with some sort of foot/leg bracing once her physical therapist feels it is appropriate. We don't want to push Sofia to hard towards walking yet since learning how to crawl is a very important skill, but they also feel that she might not end up so much of a crawler. I would love to see her walk by the time she is 2, but since she isn't crawling yet, I don't know how realistic that is. It seems to be taking Sofia 2-3 times longer than typically kids to learn skills.

Of course I have to post just some oh so cute pictures and video of my sweet angel and her piercing blue eyes!!!

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