Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sofia loves her peas!!!

We are getting into our new routine with the start of the new year....Michael started preschool on Tuesday....he will be going on Tues and Thur from 9 am to 11:30 am. He seems to like it!! It was so cute watching him today go in and hang up his coat and bag with a little direction from another student. He kicked and screamed on Tuesday because he did not want to leave (he used to do that at daycare also), but today there were just a few tears since I had chocolate hershey kisses ready!!!

Well, I decided I would just have to go with the mess to let Sofia explore foods on her own a bit you can see by the pictures below she loves to paint with peas!!! Her hands did make it to her mouth at times and she seemed surprised that it was food on them. She also did great with fairly big pieces of liverwurst (it was and still is a favorite of Michael's)....she gladly eats the big chunks off a spoon, but doesn't like it when you try to put it in her mouth with your fingers. She doesn't like her mouth messed with. It doesn't help that she is still teething like crazy!!!

We are still working on encouraging longer stretches of tummy time and working on weight bearing on her knees and arms...those arms!!! I can tell she is getting stronger in her arms, but she is still so weak in her arms. She gets so mad at me (and her therapist) when we don't let her roll onto her back. She loves to roll to go exploring...lately she has taken a real liking to the tile floor...and she always seems to want Michael's toys....

Tom is starting to work at the VA Emergency Room this weekend....he is going to do a few shifts a month to keep up his internal medicine skills and earn some extra income so I can continue to stay home with the kids. Plus, I would love to add in some more therapy sessions for Sofia.

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