Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day

Opening presents from Santa....Michael opened most of Sofia's for her...she seemed to enjoy watching him do it though!!! Michael was so excited when he woke up and realized Santa had come....he promptly woke all us and was ready to open presents!!!

Sofia loves her and see!!!

One of Michael's favorite gifts was his Polar Express Train!!!

Testing out his new train!!

Christmas is always a day of incredible amounts of food at the Lupoli house!!!! You have to wear your stretchy pants to make it through the day!!!! Below is just an example of one of the many antipasti plates that was part of the first course (unless you count the appetizers before we sat the table as the first course). The food just kept coming out!!!

The boys always love to pose for a picture with their cigars :)

We finished out the evening (after of course coffee and many choices of desserts) with some games of wii bowling, boxing, and was pretty fun watching most of the family play for the first time!!

Here are a couple more pictures of my cuties.....Sofia with her new Cabbage Patch kid and Michael got to open up a tool bench set when we got home to Kansas.

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