Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winter is here....

We had a wonderful thanksgiving last week and just enjoyed some lazy days and a Thanksgiving meal with way too much food....Michael loved the mashed potatoes at first, and as usual, decided he did not want to eat them at all when we had leftovers....I swear I don't know how he grows since we can't get him to eat 75% of the time (unless it is chocolate). I got Sofia to try some mashed potatoes and turkey, but she didn't seem to be a big was probably the chunks of turkey she wasn't liking....she is on and off with being willing to eat "chunky" foods.
Here are some pictures: Michael loved to help decorate the christmas tree....

Sofia loves the bells on the tree.....

Our happy girl...
Michael being crazy....
We had our first snow this past weekend (it has already melted) I am not looking forward to the snow and ice and the wet, muddy mess :(
Michael loved the snow and throwing snowballs at his daddy!!
Sofia did great this week with her PT....she was better this week at sitting with the therapist (Laura) and doing purposeful play, at being on her hands and knees without giving her full support, and being quicker to put her hands down to build her protection skills. When we are working with her we have to try to keep her in sitting or transitioning into lying on her tummy and staying on her tummy......and her favorite position is her she gets pretty frustrated when we prevent her from rolling onto her back. She was actually getting very vocal with both her frustration and when she was having fun with her therapist this week....which is good because she is often just very quiet or cries when they are working with her. Her speech therapist came over on Saturday to see her and Sofia was great at showing off how her vocal range has increased....Sofia gets to have lots of fun with Amy (the speech therapist) because the sessions are all about play!!! She has a follow-up appt with the Developmentalist on Dec 16th. I know Sofia has improved quite a bit from 5 months ago, but it will be interesting to see how she has improved in the testing they do.
That's all for now....I need to get back to studying for my boards!! (only one week to go....yeah!!)

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  1. Hi Natalie and Tommy,
    Lois sent me your page because I was asking for pictures of the children. They are both BEAUTIFUL. It sounds like you're all doing well but quite a bit busy. Hope to get to see you all some day soon. All our love and Merry Christmas.

    Jeannie and Richie.