Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Took my boards and the snow is back!!

I don't have any pictures this week to post.....Tom went to Florida over the weekend to visit friends and go to a football game (ACC championship) and he had the camera with him.

Plus, I have been so preoccupied with trying to squeeze in study time this past week for my recertification board exams I had this morning, that I just wasn't thinking about pictures. I am so glad to have that test done!!!! I won't have to do it again for another 6 years (unless I don't pass and I have to take it again.....but I am hopeful I passed).

We leave for Florida next I feel like I have a million things to do before we go, from mailing x-mas cards, to last minute gifts, planning for what the kids need, etc. And the kids and I have plans just about everyday from playgroups, therapy, doctor appts, etc. Poor Michael has been going a bit stir crazy because I did not take them out much this past week since I was trying to sqeeeze in last minute studying.

It is so cold now...yesterday the snow was coming down and Tom was calling me because he could barely make it down the street after work with icy streets....YUCK!

Last week Sofia ended up with 2 days of high fevers...she looked like she felt miserable. She has premolars coming in, so that doesn't help thing either. She still only has her two top and two bottom front teeth in along with the molars, but other front teeth look like they will be in soon. She is cute when she smiles because those two top front teeth are spaced so far apart!! But now she seems to be completely over her cold and no more fevers...I am glad, especially with traveling and the holidays coming up. I sure hope Michael doesn't get sick...he didn't get it this time.
Now that she is feeling better she is more willing to participate with her therapies. She continued to do well with PT this week....the therapist is putting in some more challenges for us right now because she feels that Sofia has the appropriate responses to do well with sitting transitions, but always tries to pull back to roll because of that means we have to practice these skills multiple times during the day to get her into new habits. Easier said than done on some days!!!
Next Tuesday we have a follow-up appt with the Developmentalist at the Children's hospital....we saw them back in July, so this will show us how she has progressed!!
I promise to have more photos up the next time and we'll have the reposrt from Sofia's appt.


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