Sunday, November 22, 2009

September Happenings

A busy month September was!!! Michael started back with preschool for the 2009-2010 school year. He is attending 3 regular classes a week along with an extra afternoon and extra morning class that really help to arrange Sofia's therapies so I don't have to drag Michael he loves school and being with friends!!

The big event of September was our trip to Florida. It was a 10 day trip that involved us putting 4,000 miles on our minivan!!! The kids once again showed us how well they can do on a long drive (of course there are always some moments of frustration) was me that was the most uncomfortable for the long drive because of my expanding belly!! The original purpose of the trip was because Tom was a groomsman in a friend's wedding....a beautiful wedding in St. Augustine!!! It was wonderful to see such a close friend take that next step in his life and marry a wonderful woman!!

Since we were traveling all the way to Florida, the trip also become a whirl wind of job interviews for Tom...and yes, Tom is not done with fellowship until June 2010, but you can't start planning too soon when it comes to your future :) So we were able to go to Tampa and stay with some dear friends, I got to visit with my former employer, we threw in a couple of dinner/office interviews (I was involved in some of the interviews as well). Then we traveled on to Jacksonville to stay with Tom's family and visit friends while mixing in more job interviews/dinners and the wedding. All went really well, and it got also very confusing at times trying to figure out what would be best for Tom and the family when it came down to the job offers and the area we want to live. We are hoping this decision is what will become the anchoring point of where we decide to live and work for far into the future. Big decisions ahead!!

It was a surprisingly great month for Sofia...we worried the trip to Florida might set her back a bit, but instead she surprised us instead by all of sudden one day while in Florida she pulled up stand in her pack n play!!! She was oh so proud of herself!! And she also became much more willing to eat table foods!! That makes going out to eat a lot easier...she kept grabbing at the food one day while we were out to eat and bringing it to her mouth...none of it made it into her mouth at that point, but it was a step forward!!

We enjoyed a great beach day while visiting friends in Tampa!!


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