Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weekly updates

I am really going to try to update every week, and now that I caught up with pictures from my original posting I can start with my updates!!!

Tom is busy right now trying to get all his paperwork in order so he can start working a few shifts a month at a VA hospital in the Kansas City area. It is all about the extra money $ His fellowship is going really well....and it nice having him home every night :)

I am trying to study for board a PA I need to take them every 6 years to remain certified. The problem is I haven't seen a lot of what is on them in 6 years....Botox injections and spider veins won't be on them. All I want to do is say a prayer for me on Dec 10th!!

Michael is a very busy 3 year old!! I have gotten involved with a Mom's Club and with teaching a class for 3-5 year olds at our church on Sundays to keep us busy. So we go to lots of playgroups, have our new friends over, and join our new friends for activities around Kansas City. Michael will be starting in a 2-day a week preschool in January.

Sofia is really doing well also. We have therapists come to the house 3 days a week to work with her gross motor skills, feeding, cognition, speech....and she has become so much stronger in just the past couple of months. She is more vocal (no words, but more sounds) and likes to be on the move (by rolling everywhere). She can now sit unassisted, but she still can just come crashing down if she gets off the boppy or mommy is always close by. We are working on playing more on her tummy and learning to creep so it will hopefully move into crawling. She has discovered now that she can do more with her hands, so I am hoping will move into self-feeding soon.

No news to give on why Sofia has issues with her muscle tone, and I have learned from others with similar children that it can difficult to find an answer.

And can I say that Michael just loves his sister!!! However, sometimes a little too much :)


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